Finding the Right Home Improvement Contractor

Your counters are old, worn out and chipped. The cabinets have seen better days. The old ceramic tile floor is cracked, or, if you have old vinyl tiles or linoleum, it’s a mess. The appliances have been around since “Father Knows Best” was a top rated TV show. The most important, and sad, thing is that, when you walk into your kitchen, you want to walk out.So how do you proceed and be cost containing? Do you:
  • Install maple, birch, ash or oak cabinets (and…what types)
  • Choose a laminate or solid surface – think granite – counter top
  • Install a floor of wood, ceramic tile, marble or granite
  • Buy white, black or stainless appliances
  • Change the lighting

Yes, your questions and thoughts are many, and a good General Contractor could tie all of your options together into a neat, pretty bow.

Yet, how do you proceed and what to look for in a contractor, or what pitfalls will you encounter when you are sitting on one side of your soon-to-be-discarded kitchen table, across from the home improvement salesman, who just might do or say anything to walk out with a signed contract?

Oh…what to do…WHAT TO DO?

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