Home Improvement Scams

& what the home improvement sales person will say!


  • “No.”
  • “I have to think about it.”
  • “You are the first one here to give us a price.”
  • “My brother just had a roof installed on his house; I’ll call him first.”
  • “I have to discuss this with President Obama and have congress vote on it before I can give you an answer.”
  • “We’re not sure if this is a ‘want’ or a ‘need.’”
  • “I don’t have the cash right now.”
  • “I first have to pray.”
  • “I need the market to go up so I can pull some money from an investment.”

Objections are the fodder of sales.  A cardinal rule of sales when attempting to convince someone to buy something:  it takes three or more “no’s” before getting one “yes.”

It is an essential part of human nature, psychology really, that most will say “no” to protect themselves.  It is the sales pro’s job to understand that it is simply a stonewalling tactic – think Richard Nixon and Watergate.  There is often no truth or substance to the objection, only raw emotion and defense mechanism.  Knowing this makes it infinitely easier to launch a sales blitzkrieg at a home owner.

Professionals hear every possible attempt to halt the sales process hundreds, if not thousands, of times.  It never changes.  And a “closer” never gives up.  You, the homeowner, have made a large purchase just several times in your life – a car, life insurance, your home.  A Remodeling salesperson has sat with hundreds, possibly thousands of owners, continually trying their best to overcome any objection thrown at them.  Thus, who has the advantage of experience?  Who has heard the same objection those many, many times?  Who has sat with other pros to discuss, digest and formulate every method to overcome an owner’s “NO?”

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