Learn how to save $1,000’s on popular Home Renovations Costs

You’ve been thinking and pondering if you should hire a contractor to:
  • Replace the roof
  • Install new windows
  • Install new siding
  • Remodel the kitchen
  • Remodel a bathroom
  • Install a new decorative stone patio area
  • Turn your under utilized basement into another living space
  • Expand your home by building up, or out, or both

Questions abound and just what should you do? Well, the first thing is to decide your priorities and then hire the contractor.

The next item on the agenda is exactly what does each project entail?

Roofing Costs & Roof Renovations

  • Do I leave the old roof shingles on and install over them?
  • Rip the old roof off and start anew?
  • What types of roofing material should I use, and their cost?
Window Costs & Window Installation

  • What types of windows should I look for, and what will they cost?
  • What new technologies can save me energy?
  • What will these technologies accomplish?
Siding Costs & Proper Installation of Siding

  • Should my new siding be vinyl?
  • Will wood or cement fiberboard?
  • What insulation goes with all installations?
Kitchen Costs & Just how do you Remodel your Kitchen
  • What types of cabinets should I look at for my kitchen?
  • What’s the best material for the counter?
  • What types of appliances to look at and their cost?
  • What will a kitchen remodeling cost?
Bathroom Costs & Bathroom Remodeling
  • Should I do just some bathroom cosmetics?
  • Should I just change the sink and vanity?
  • Should I gut the entire bathroom and start from scratch?
Paving Stone Patio Costs & New Patio Cost
  • How do I transform my grass backyard into something more useful?
  • Pricing out the project?
  • What types of materials should I use?
Basement Remodeling Costs & Renovating your Basement
  • Do I transform the basement into a family room and entertainment center
  • Should I use the area for more bedrooms? Could I actually rent it out?
Dormer and Extension Costs & Planning to Install a Dormer or Extension?
  • Should I add a room or two onto the back of the house?
  • What type of renovations are needed within the existing house?
  • Can I build a multi-story extension?
  • Can I open up the top of the house without an extension?

Important thoughts, eh?

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And how nice will that be?

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